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Ability Martial Arts Association - UK

Any current member is insured and can participate in training or competition events anywhere within UK and will remain covered - this includes multi-school events where others are AMAA Insured.


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AMAA, Great Britain's leading Martial Arts Governing Body and Insurance provider. We lead without being lead. Independent, like you, we aim to support our members with the simplest, best and easiest options. Martial Arts Insurance can be a veritable minefield, so we make sure that our elite Instructors get the highest cover for the lowest cost. You will get up to £10,000,000 cover for both P.I. & P.L. Your Students can also have the security of £10,000,000 cover for Public Liability.

Events: If all clubs taking part in any mixed event are registered and insured through AMAA, then no extra cover need be acquired.

Ability Martial Arts also provided our member Instructors with help, information, DBR Check advice and much more besides, including UKi Qualifications and Translations plus The Name Registry.

We cover Trad. Chinese Tiajiquan or Gong-fu, Japanese Arts e.g. Karate and Jiu Jitsu, Korean, Indonesian and others. MMA is only covered if the Instructor has at least two qualifications in other Martial Arts, e.g. Aikido & Krav Maga. The public are assured that most of our Instructors are high-level Traditional Martial Arts Teachers with many years experience under their belts and are the elite of MA in UK: England, N. Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Ability Martial Arts is run by volunteers, is a not-for-profit organisation and has a background stretching way back tot he 1990's in support & insurance.

Sections include: Trad. Chinese Arts (B.A.C.A.), Trad. Korean Arts, Trad. Japanese Arts and Historic European Martial Arts.

Please contact us by eMail for our full Application Pack and details.

The non politics. The AMAA actually listen to their affiliates. The reasonable pricing.

by Anthony

What a great support
Myke is so informative

by Anne

Great support network. Great membership price.

by Tony

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