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Please note: Only current members of the association can add details to this page. Once you have joined then details will be provided for you to add your school to the list.

Search by Style or County.

If you know what style already suits you then you can search by Style name. If you are a complete beginner, and not sure what “style” you wish to learn, then search firstly by your local County: e.g. Herts. AMAA suggests that when first starting, yo try several schools in your area, even if you have to travel, to discover which Style really grabs your attention. Always ask about their qualifications, length of time training and teaching, plus talk to students about their experiences.

For further details such as venues and times, other styles taught and so on, contact the tutor or visit their websites.

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Initial Enquiries:

Please E-mail.
AMAA is happy to answer your queries and help you understand our simple process of joining or using our Association. NO SPAM or ADVERTISING! Please write to our volunteers at info@amaa.org.uk

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