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Basic insurance terms and conditions

Insurance and what it covers:

Please note that these are the basic terms and conditions, inclusions only, of the Martial Arts insurance policy that we currently use. AMAA and the Insurance Brokers reserve the right to alter, amend or change policy details as necessary; this usually happens upon renewals or with changes of insurers.

Policy No: PLON99/0094640

Insured Name:

Ability Martial Arts Association/ AMAA


21 Leeds Way, Horning, Norwich NR12 8LU

Territorial Limits: Great Britain & Northern Ireland


The Law of England & Wales.


A Not for Profit, Multi-Discipline Martial Arts Association and Governing Body covering the Association Legal Entity plus all registered Clubs; Instructors; & Students. Classes include but are not limited too:

T'ai Chi Ch'uan & Ch'i Kung; Kickboxing; Karate; Kung Fu - all Chinese Styles; Taekwondo and all Korean Martial Arts; ; Aikido; Ju Jitsu and variants; Krav Maga; Indian Martial Arts; Capoeira & Brazilian Martial Arts; Hap Ki Do; Historical Martial Arts & Self Defence plus general fitness classes related to Martial Arts to Adults & Children of all ages & abilities; Sparring but excluding competitive bouts.

Period of Insurance:

25th July 2023 to 24th July 2024 (reviewed and renewed annually)

Summary of Cover: Legal liability to pay compensation to third parties for bodily injury &/or damage to property as the result of a negligent act by the insured Instructor arising out of the “business activities” as described above. Public/Products Liability: Public Liability Limit of Indemnity any one occurrence £10,000,000 Excess each & every claim £250 Products Liability Limit of Indemnity any one occurrence & in the aggregate £10,000,000 Excess each & every claim £250 Professional Indemnity: Professional Indemnity Limit of Indemnity any one occurrence & in the aggregate £10,000,000 Excess each & every claim £250



Liability: Public Liability

Limit of Indemnity any one occurrence £10,000,000

Excess each & every claim £250 paid by claimant.

Products Liability:  Limit of Indemnity any one occurrence & in the aggregate £10,000,000

Excess each & every claim £250 paid by claimant.

Main Exclusions:

Excluding injury or damage caused by or arising from any Treatment given by or on behalf of the insured (except Emergency Aid administered by a qualified First Aider); Excluding all activities other than those disclosed to Underwriters;

The policy excludes any liability arising from the use of any live blades or weapons.

Instructors earning over £25,000 annually are excluded from the policy.

Excluding all deliberate or intentional Acts;

Main Conditions:

Cover under all individual policy Sub-Sections is subject to the following additional conditions:

1. No one shall be allowed to participate whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

2. No one shall be allowed to participate against medical advice:

3. Any additional activities provided on a direct or sub-contracted basis are referred to insurers for prior approval;

4. All Instructors must be suitably qualified to deliver the activity being taught;

5. All Instructors with access to children &/or vulnerable adults must be DBS

Certified (or National equivalent) & hold a current, valid First Aid Certificate;

6. The Instructor to Student ratio 1 to 20; but for children under 6 years old the ratio should not exceed 1 to 15; and 1 to 35 for Non-Contact classes For Students aged 7 and above;

7. Suitable Personal Protective Equipment is worn when sparring; 8. Training areas are risk assessed on a regular basis with the results recorded and any defects remedied prior to further use;

(Continued next column)


9. All equipment is used & maintained in accordance with manufacturers recommendations; 10. Assistant Instructors are only covered by the Instructors policy if a fully qualified, insured Instructor is supervising the session at all times. 11. Cover is only operative whilst the Insured Club is Registered with AMAA & abides by their Rules & Regulations. In the event of breach of the Additional Conditions, Insurers shall have no liability under this policy, unless the Insured can show that non- compliance with this condition could not have increased the risk of the loss which actually occurred in the circumstances in which it occurred.

Personal Accident Insurance: Playing or participating in any sporting activity carries its own risks. Martial arts is a contact sport and accidents happen, with potentially devastating effects. Personal Accident Insurance is readily available and Members are encouraged to take responsibility for their own personal circumstances and consider purchasing a tailor made, individual personal accident policy, to protect their income and assets in the event of an injury sustained whilst participating in their chosen martial art. Participant to Participant v Member to Member Insurance. Under the PL/PI Insurance are Clubs and Members covered for Participant to Participant Liability and/or Member to Member Liability and what is the difference?

Participant to Participant: The policy excludes any Personal Injury caused and/or contributed to, by any participant in a bout, sparring or any other contact situation, to another participant. Participant to Participant is the Liability of one Participant to another e.g. a Participant injures an opponent in a bout, sparring or contact situation and as a result, the opponent brings an action against them. This is NOT covered. Member to Member: A Member is defined as any member, temporary player or other person actively engaged in and appropriately registered for the purpose of taking part in the insured martial art. Member to Member cover is the liability of one Member to another Member, when they are NOT participating in a contact situation within the insured martial art e.g. a member accidentally shuts another member’s fingers in the door of the dressing room. So, in summary, Member to Member Liability is covered but Participant to Participant Liability is excluded. Note: Whilst Participant to Participant liability is specifically excluded, an injured opponent still has the opportunity to bring an action against the Club and/or an Instructor at the Club, in a bid to secure compensation for his/her injuries, however, in order to be successful they must provide proof that their injury was caused as a result of a negligent act by the Club and/or Instructor.

SUMMARY OF PERSONAL ACCIDENT BENEFITS: 1. Death (Students aged under 16 limited to £10,000) £10,000 2. Loss of Limbs or Eyes Scale of Benefits as policy wording. £10,000 Permanent Total Disablement from any usual following accident. Scale of Benefits as policy wording £10,000 3. Physiotherapy Expenses – Maximum Benefit per Member £350 Maximum of 10 physio sessions per Member 4. Dental Expenses – Maximum Benefit per Member £500 Excess each & every claim £25 Excluding damage to dentures; bridges; crowns; & all other dental Appliances. Emergency Dental Benefit shall only be payable if at the time of the accident a mouthguard was being worn in accordance with rules and regulations of KSW 5. Temporary Total Disablement from USUAL occupation following accident only. Weekly Benefit £50 14 Day Excess each & every claim. Benefit payable for up to 52 weeks Benefit limited to £50 per week for persons not in gainful employment.

6. Broken Bones Benefit - Arm; Leg; Cheekbone; & Collar Bone £150 Maximum Benefit per Member £450 No cover if a valid claim is made under Section 5 Temporary Total Disablement. Includes the wrist, if the break occurs at the base of the radius or ulna; Includes an ankle if the break occurs at the base of the fibula or tibia; Any smaller surrounding bones are not included in the cover. 7. Hospital Benefit: Cover under this Certificate is extended to include a Hospital Cash Benefit payable as a direct result of Bodily Injury following an Accident sustained during the operative time. Benefit payable for a maximum of 30 days, (subject to a 1 day excess). £25 per day Definition: day means each completed 24 hour period. Conditions: Total Temporary Disablement benefit must not exceed 75% of normal weekly income. Excluding any injuries or disablement arising from any pre-existing defect, infirmity or sickness

Age Limit: No cover shall attach under this Certificate if at the commencement date of the Period of Insurance the Insured Person has reached his 71st birthday