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If you are a current member of AMAA, holding current Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance through us, then to continue to the AMAA Information and useful documents page, please click here.

Some of these documents are editable, some are copyright. Needless to say that Copyright is protected by International Laws and is therefore enforced under Plagiarism and Fraud laws of all countries; these are only for active Members and Associates.

With AMAA, take a deep breath and enjoy the view. We will have you covered.

Did You Know?

In Great Britain, anyone who runs a Martial Arts, Yoga, keep Fit or any “public group”, has to have Professional liability Insurance cover. Yes, it is Law. In the 1970’s a man called Lord Wolff was commissioned by the British Government to look into insurance cover. This was after several claims by injured parties were baulked by the claim of the person leading the group, calling themselves “Amateur”.  The report was examined and the law was passed. Now, anyone running a Group where public can attend, must have Professional Liability Insurance cover; they are deemed to be “a professional manager” of the group, and like all businesses, must have adequate public safety measures and cover in place.


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