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Covid-19 Re-Start
The advice you must have to re-start your classes!
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Become an Associate. Joining us is really simple. All you need is a Teaching Qualification and our easy to use Application Pack. Ready to go?

The Name Registry:
Protect your School Name by law and make sure that you have the correct registration documents to prove it belongs to you!

See the "About" page for more information.

Martial Arts Insurance

Ability Martial Arts Association is The Leading Governing Body in UK.
On joining AMAA the Instructor gets Full professional PL Insurance with up to £10,000,000 cover! Registered Instructors can also cover Students for up to £10,000,000 each per annum too. Formerly known by other names but changed due to plagiarism and 'piggybacking'. The AMAA has a new name, new and even better image and is fully registered for Copyright and Trademark. We have been providing backing and insurance cover since the late 1990's in Great Britain. We are independent but recognised lawfully by the financial and regulatory authorities as an acceptable Governing Body for Martial Arts and Insurance Agent.

We Think. You Teach.

Why Choose Us?
  • Non-Political.
  • Officially Recognised Governing Body for UK
  • Instructor & Student Cover up to £10,000,000
  • Free Annual Cover with Affiliation/Association
  • The Name Registry - protect your I.D.
  • UKi Qualifications and Translations.

Ability Martial Arts Association | A Not for Profit Governing Body | Tel: 07941 077119 (TPS Reg.)