Ability Martial Arts Association - Governing Body - UK

- Membership to AMAA incurs automatic Instructor PL Insurance cover -

Your Membership to Ability Martial Arts Association also entitles you to be registered on our "Professional Instructor" Scheme, with Insurance Cover to £10,000,000.

The Insurance Cover:
Instructor’s Professional Public Liability:
Instructors must be 1st Degree Teacher or above and provide proof of qualification/s. Proof also acts as Grade Register annually to qualify for free insurance.

Cover: This insurance covers the legal liability for compensation and defence costs arising out of Third Party loss, injury, damage in connection with the activities detailed above.
Cover includes public liability, professional indemnity, liability for damage to leased and rented premises, indemnity to principals and liability arising out of goods sold or supplied, including refreshments.
This insurance is written on claims occurring wording, which means that cover will respond based on when the incident occurred, not when the subsequent claim is made.

Limits: Public Liability : £10,000,000 any one occurrence
Professional Indemnity: £10,000,000 any one period (inc. costs) Damage to own property, or property for which you are responsible.

Student ‘Member-to-Member’ PL up to £2,000,000 cover with free membership to AMAA is available separately on application.

Excesses: £250 each & every claim in respect of third party property damage
£500 each & every claim in respect of professional indemnity

Principal Exclusions: By using this service you have agreed to the terms and conditions stated in the Membership Page.

Styles Covered:
We cover most major styles including, Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian, European, Russian, Reenactment and Kickboxing. We do not cover MMA/Pro. Ring Fighting, Boxing or Wrestling. A full list of World Styles is available in this PDF file.
We cover England, Eire / Ireland, Scotland & Wales.


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