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What can we offer you?

Peace of Mind. You get AMAA professional PL Instructor with Free Membership. Register students - any number/any time - and you can get help with Grade Books, UKi Certificates, the Name Registry and more.

Fed up with Politics?

You are not alone! We have no political agenda, nor do we tell you how to run your own schools or clubs, although we are happy to advise on standards, safety, child welfare, DBR Checks, Enrolment Forms and a lot more. Furthermore, we have download documents which you can browse, use as templates or even adapt to suit you own school! AMAA - UK All Styles Governing Body. "Leading the way"

All Set to Join?

Get the Application Pack from us via email, fill it in and Post it in with payment (if using PayPal, send it in, then use the PayPal option.  and read it carefully. Print the named two pages, fill them in. Keep copies, (of course!0 and send in to us with a Cheque plus a clear photocopy of your highest Instructor Grade. We will check it out, contact you if any problems, and send you a Insurance certificate by return.

The PayPal Option

Please Note: When you use this option, the Annual Fee is taken out of your account at the same time, every year, until you stop the service: by cancelling your PayPal account with us. Because PayPal charge for their service, you will pay an extra fee. We recommend using Cheque above all else, or Bank Transfer second.

NOTE: You will still need to Fill in, Sign & Post the Application Pack to us, so Cheque makes more sense!

Read this agreement:

By using the on-line application button below for insurance you are by law deemed to agree by our terms and conditions and the conditions of the insurance company and their agents including brokers by default. The Date of Application will be Date of Insurance Start due to PayPal limitations. This will be a recurring payment; no need to do anything else next year, unless your PayPal/Bank/Email has changed.

Agreement and Declaration.

I declare that I am the named person on the application for membership licence, that I am over 18 years of age and legally possess the Coaching qualifications which I have stated and will send to AMAA. I agree to notify both the organisation and the insurance company of any changes to my circumstances which may affect my claim or legal circumstances. I understand that it is my responsibility to adhere to the policy requirements, to upkeep current insurance, health and safety, child welfare & safety (if teaching juveniles), first aid, general training and coaching standards. Use of this facility creates a contract between [you] "me" PayPal, AMAA and the Insurer. I declare there are no known incidents or circumstances that might give rise to a claim and there are no Material Facts that should be disclosed to insurers. If you are in any doubt about whether facts are material, you must tell us. Failure to do so could affect the validity of your policy.

Other AMAA Terms & Conditions Also Apply. Thank you. AMAA. Certificate will be emailed to you an payment.

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You need to get the

 Application Pack First!

To Use PayPal you need

Please Note: We have been experiencing some technical digital problems with PayPal for the past month or so. All Digital Banking may be prone to future issues: be warned!

We advise that you save money and send in your renewal by Cheque (much more secure!), Postal Order, Cash or direct Bank Transfer (if you feel that it is secure enough). These options will all save you PayPal fees.

Just call AMAA if you have any problems.