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Affiliation includes instructor’s professional Public Liability up to £10,000,000 with products liability, employer’s liability, third party, slander/libel, abuse, equipment and personal accident, cover in all Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.
Instructors must be 1st Degree teacher or above and provide proof of qualification/s. Proof also acts as Grade Register.
The insurance covers sparring and training with metal weapons, subject to obvious safety precautions.
Go to the insurance page to see full details of the insurance packages available. Once accepted you become a full affiliate instructor with Ability Martial Arts Association and covered by our Professional P.L. Insurance.

1st Time Member Instructors need to send us by post a clear copy of their highest qualification to validate membership with and keep as reference, plus your Application Forms!

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Students - Register Your Students as AMAA Affiliate Students and Get "Member to Member" benefits - Currently up to £10,000,000!

PayPal Option:

If you read the agreement on the right and “agree” then use the “I agree. Pay On-line!” Button below that.

<< Download Application Pack (updated version, 2019) even if you want to use PayPal as we still need the two forms signed and posted to us plus a copy of your highest Instructor qualification!

By using the on-line application button below for insurance you are by law deemed to agree by our terms and conditions and the conditions of the insurance company and their agents including brokers by default. The Date of Application will be Date of Insurance Start due to PayPal limitations. This will be a reccuring payment; no need to do anything else next year, unless your PayPal/Bank/Email has changed.

Agreement and Declaration.
I declare that I am the named person on this application for membership licence, that I am over eighteen years of age and legally possess the Coach qualifications which I have stated and attached or will send to AMAA. I agree to notify both the organisation and the insurance company of any changes to my circumstances which may affect my claim or legal circumstances. I understand that it is my responsibility to adhere to the policy requirements, to upkeep current insurance, health and safety, child welfare & safety (if teaching juveniles), first aid, general training and coaching standards. Use of this facility creates a contract between [you] “me” and the Insurer. I declare there are no known incidents or circumstances that might give rise to a claim and there are no Material Facts that should be disclosed to insurers. If you are in any doubt about whether facts are material, you must tell us. Failure to do so could affect the validity of your policy.
Other AMAA Terms & Conditions Also Apply.