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UK is in crisis.

We have been going through a period relating to power and control in all daily matters, of all people. Laws have been changed, Rights removed, most things made Digital or Automated so that we have no control! Be aware. Retain cash, cheque books, non-automated processes so that you remain in control!


Note that we no longer use SafeCIC. DBS Checks have become frustratingly confusing, time consuming and expensive. However, as always we try to help. If you are Voluntary or Self-employed you can get advice here:

UK Gov - Find an Umbrella Group

Experian - Self-employed Check

DDC Checks - I am Self-employed, how...

UC - DBS - Online Checks:Read advice in No.1 above, then choose one of the other links to help


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All you need is right here.

Capture the Sun. There is power in self-control. We can remain in self-control with daily practice & diligence.

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Latest news: August 2023

Some of you will already be aware that we are forced to make changes. This comes with the renewal of our very expensive Insurance Policy, and Government pushed FDA Changes to the way policies are issued, etc.

Member Instructors will be informed of the new rules, which will need to be followed to stay legal. As ever, our trusty volunteer/s will make your life easier by explaining it all for you.

Price Rises.

inevitable, in the current climate. We are all “Cash Cows” and being milked until we are dry! With petrol hikes, electricity/gas and other services going sky high, it should come as no surprise that all Insurance Prices will go up too. As ever, our “Chief Cook & Bottle Washer”, whom you all know and appreciate, will be going flat-out to keep lower prices and top value, plus bonuses for our long-term Instructors too!

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