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"Your world is our world"

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Ability Martial Arts Association has become the
UK's best Governing Body and general Association.
According to members we provide not only the
best services but also have the best prices, are more reliable and more efficient than any other.

See the item below - right about our move of base.
We now use the motto "AMAA Leads The Way"
from Leeds Way in Horning!

Please note that we no longer use SafeCIC.
DBS Checks have become frustratingly confusing, time consuming and expensive.However, as always we try to help. If you are "Voluntary" or "Self-employed" you can get advice here:
1) UK Gov - Find an Umbrealla Group
2) Experian - Self-employed Check
3) DDC Checks - I am Self-employed, how...
4) UC - DBS-On-line Checks
Read advice in No.1 then chose one of the other links to help you get started.

New Student Deal!!!
From March 21st 2016 a new Student deal will be in place. We will be offering Student Membership at £3
per person, per year and this will include essential
"Member to Member" Insurance cover up to £5,000,000 (it used to be £2 million, but that's
no longer acceptable). NOTE: Please download
the new forms from our Members Only page.

Our Insurance for Instructors covers all of UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) plus Southern Ireland too! That's why we are
the best.

Insurance Tax Rises
The UK Gov has raised Tax on Insurance again from October 1st 2016; effective immediately. Last year we absobed it at our own expense, this year we can't afford to.
So Membership prices will increase to cover our overheads and the costs. This will mean that from today (November 07th 2016) our Membership Price for Instructors will be £90 per instructor per annum. We have had no news (as yet) about changes to Student Members, but fully expect the rises will hit next year's renewal.
Insurance Premium Tax Rise

To avoid awkward mail losses, please make sure that you download the latest App Pack and Student Membership files from our website.
If you have lost the User-name & Password, please get in touch with us via email.

Facebook Page
We do have a basic info page on Facebook UK. Click on the facebook logo to visit.

Printable Application Pack is ready,
updated for 2019 and on-line!

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