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We have been informed that the UK Tax Office, HMRC, is claiming up to 7 years back-owed VAT from a Martial Arts club. 'Club' is the operative word here as it appears that if you offer Memberships, these are eligible for VAT rating - currently 20%.
Quick check: 100 Memberships at £10 = £100 so you'd pay £20 VAT.
The said club has had to challenge this in the UK Courts, as we know an exorbitant expense! They are currently looking to raise £100,000 to pay court and legal fees. We call that "highway robbery"! AMAA will attempt to keep you updated on this.

Let us know of your news, events or anything else of interest by emailing it to us. Don't worry about grammar, we will take care of that.

Note that we no longer use SafeCIC. DBS Checks have become frustratingly confusing, time consuming and expensive. However, as always we try to help. If you are Voluntary or Self-employed you can get advice here:
UK Gov - Find an Umbrella Group
Experian - Self-employed Check
DDC Checks - I am Self-employed, how...
UC - DBS Online Checks: Read advice in No.1 above, then choose one of the other links to help

We do have a basic info page on Facebook UK. Click on the facebook logo to visit.

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