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The Name Registry™:
We help you to protect your School or Trading name with a simple procedure and low one-off registration fee.

UK Independent Qualifications™:
Three sections include Testing, translations and parallel certification. Part of AMAA.

Martial Arts Union™:
Help in resolving problems with employers, councils or aggressive associations.

Training & Courses:
We have many of the country’s leading instructors in various styles of Martial arts. Should you need to update, improve or add to your skills, help may be closer than you think.

Ability Martial Arts™ offers you all that you need to run your school with ease.

Membership Includes AMAA Instructor PL Cover:
Instructor’s Professional Public Liability Inclusive
Instructors must be 1st Degree Teacher or above and provide proof of qualification/s. Proof also acts as Grade Register annually to qualify for free insurance.
You can view the insurance details on the insurance page.

Our Annual Membership
includes Free Instructor PL at £10 million.
Student ‘Member-to-Member’ PL up to £5,000,000 cover
with free membership to AMAA is an optional extra.

Or: Apply On-Line:
Payments via PayPal >> > Go to Membership Page >

Application Pack:
Downloadable from the news page, printable, one cheque/P.O. Easy method.

E-mail us:
if you have a query or cannot understand anything on the website, drop us a mail.

AMAA is run by volunteer workers who care about the Martial Arts Community. Secretary: K Marshall. Chair: Prof. Symonds
(15 years experience with MAFC, 5-7 years AMA/BKPA and 44 years Teaching.) Reg: Not-for-profit Association.