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UK Independent Qualifications
UKi can offer three main solutions to the age old problems of recognition on paper:

1) Translation Services:
This provides simple translations from your original certificates issued in Japan, Okinawa, Spain or anywhere else, into a format recognised by authorities in the UK and accepted by all. UKi has been established in Britain since 2005 so is well established and has been used satisfactorily by many.

2) UKi Affiliates:
Take a traditional Chinese system, such as Hung Gar Kuen. This system may be well known in China and even across the world by various Kung Fu practitioners. To save any questioning and doubt about language and culture differences, the UKi Associate can have a dual certificate, issued by both UKi and his/her Chinese Arts organisation. This does not replace the original Chinese certificate but being in English and Chinese helps affirm rank.

UKi quals through Ability Martial Arts

3) UKi Testing:
Using a time proven system we can take a person who has the experience but no instructor level qualifications and get them what they need to be recognised. As a fully fledged instructor they will then be able to gain insurance and room hire. This process involves a minimum three stage test for which the would be instructor will have to prove that he or she has what it takes; similar in process to any other instructor’s test but not style specific.

UK Independent Qualifications do all this and more besides, and are part of AMAA. These fill an important gap in the market and have now been established and widely accepted for over ten years. Members wishing to know more are welcome to speak with an AMAA or UKi representative.