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About Ability Martial Arts

The AMAA is a no-frills, not-for-profit association set by Martial Artists for Martial Artists. The idea is to steer away from petty politics and other restrictive practices and provide a simple, healthy and beneficial package that is "all-in-one".

Once you become an Associate or Affiliate you will be covered by Professional Insurance and left to get on with what you do best, teaching. That's not to say we leave you in the dark though. Oh no. We provide access to our many help files and benefits, including The Name Registry, UKi Qualifications and more.

All insured members must be 18 or over, hold a checkable Instructor/Coaching qualification, be resident in UK, and have appropriate checks if working with children or vulnerable adults.

Are There Monthly Fees & Tie-Ins?

No. You pay one annual fee to join AMAA. Once joined you can then register your students, any number at any time. We help you with all the details and simple logging or filing systems that you can run "on the fly": e.g. whilst in class. We can even provide Templates for documents you need.

Do I get Proof of Insurance?

Yes. This is normally emailed to you in a PDF file which you can keep on a Mobile Device, on your Desktop PC or Print and keep a physical copy with you at training times. Then if asked you can show that you are indeed registered with a Governing Body and covered by fully professional insurance: Currently up to £10,000,00 - best in UK! Hall Hirers are required to check insurance for anyone using their premises, we even advise on how you can provide them a copy but at the same time prevent Identity Theft.

We think, you teach.

Our Offices

Yeah, we wish! Like you, in this over-expensive age, we work from a SOHO; that’s “Small Office, Home Office, not the saucy club area in London!

AMAA uses every method we can to simplify processes and keep costs down for you.

Insured Students = Happy Students and junior’s parents too.

Make sure yours are covered. It is Law, as well as prudent!

AMAA can also help with the following:

Certificate Grade Translations - ‘The Name Registry’ protect your name with copyright documents -

Uki Qualifications; if you are a Senior Instructor without a Senior over you, we may be able to help -

Grade Book Advice and Design Template, it’s really simple, if you know how.